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Legrand™, Krone™, Telegärtner™, Belden™, certified cables...

  We design and implement supertension-preventing-circuits based on: Legrand™, Siemens™, Phoenix Contact™ supertension-protection solutions.

  We integrate security systems implemented in buildings with remote control systems and robot systems.

   It allows users to control remotely as well as adjust parameters of entire installations or groups of devices as well as single devices like: central heating devices, air-conditioning, internal and external lighting etc.

  We cooperate with security agencies, which support constant monitoring of security systems implemented on sites as well as conduct interventions, if necessary.
We design and implement CCTV systems. Analog as well as digital.
CCTV - Vidicon™, Tayama
Security and safety issues:
We integrate security systems implemented in buildings...
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