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Legrand™, Krone™, Telegärtner™, Belden™, certified cables...
   We design and implement CCTV systems - analog or digital.

  We design and implement monitoring systems for real-estates:

- supervised television-monitoring systems including realtime supervision of a chosen area and recording the data either in digital or non-digital format;
- burglary and assault signalizing alarms with restricted access control;
- fire alarms;
- remote monitoring and controlling systems of heating networks, ventilation networks, air-conditioning as well as of pump circuits and technological, production processes;
- we integrate security and piloting systems of devices in the building.

  Our network solutions are based on top quality hardware:
CCTV - Vidicon™, Tayama
Industrial robotics - LUMEL
Supervisory systems - Alarmcom™, Satel™ and others

We design and implement CCTV systems. Analog as well as digital.
CCTV - Vidicon™, Tayama
Security and safety issues:
We integrate security systems implemented in buildings...
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