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Legrand™, Krone™, Telegärtner™, Belden™, certified cables...
   We use our many years' experience to design and build wiring installations for computer networks and structural networks using UTP/STP standard including power supply and emergency power supply fittings.

   We use hardware, modules, elements of renowned companies like:

   Legrand™, Krone™, Telegärtner™, Belden™, Alcatel™, high quality certified cables which guarantee reliability, durability and users' satisfaction.

   We carry out our installations on the parget in cable microchannels, under the parget and in technical channels according to the technical project and standards.

   Legrand VDI installations carried out by us are covered by a 15-year-warranty.

   We are certified Legrand VDI vendor.

   We provide service of installations during the period of the warranty as well as after the warranty has expired.
We design and implement CCTV systems. Analog as well as digital.
CCTV - Vidicon™, Tayama
Security and safety issues:
We integrate security systems implemented in buildings...
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